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If you wish to find out about obtaining a place for your child at Galton Valley Primary School, please enquire at the school office. As we are increasingly becoming full we urge you to place your child’s name on the waiting list for Day Care and Nursery as soon as possible. This cannot guarantee your child a place.


Children will be offered a part time place (Mornings or Afternoons equaling to 15 hours per week) in nursery, the term after they are three. If your child is older, they may be offered a place depending on their age and if a place is available. Staff from School will always try to make a visit to your home before your child starts in order to help your child settle more easily.



During the Autumn Term

Application forms, available from your child’s current school/setting, are normally completed at the start of the Autumn Term and sent in to the Local Authority.

NB. If your child joins Nursery after the admissions process has taken place you must notify the L.A. that you wish to apply for a place in Reception as early as possible.


During the Spring Term

The Local Authority will send you a letter to let you know whether your child has a place at Galton Valley Primary School. All places are allocated using the Local Authority’s admission policy:


1a. Children in respect of whom a formal Statutory Assessment of Special Educational Needs has commenced and where the local authority considers the preferred school to be the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.

1b. Children who are receiving a significant level of local authority funded support in order to meet their Special Educational Needs and where the local authority considers the preferred school to be the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.

1c. Children who are in Public Care.


2. Children with a particular medical condition, which can be met most appropriately by the preferred school. Applications must be accompanied by a medical declaration form and signed by the child’s GP or Consultant, confirming the condition and detailing the child’s needs. All applications under this criterion will be assessed by the local authority to decide whether the child’s needs can be met most appropriately by the preferred school.


3. Distance measured in a straight line from a child’s home to the school’s main entrance (as determined by the Local Authority).


In all cases, should the number of applicants exceed the number of places available, places will be allocated on the basis of distance between home and the relevant nodal point for the school, as measured in a straight line, with priority being given to those living closest to the nodal point.


During the Summer Term

If you are new to our school, we will invite you to visit in July to meet the teachers and to begin to get to know us.

Children Transferring/Joining from another School/Setting. Children who join school at other times are welcome to look around with their parents.


Application forms are normally obtained from your child’s current Sandwell School or, if you are from an area outside Sandwell, one may be obtained from our school office or from the local authority.