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Year 1



We have been looking and length and height this week in Maths. We started off saying which one was longer, shorter or taller. 
We then looked at measuring using non-standard measure.



A beast visited the Year one class rooms! He made such a mess and left some green fur behind. We had some eye witnesses come into the classroom and the children asked them questions to try and figure out what the creature looked like. We managed to grab a photo from the cameras at the end of the day!

D & T (Design and Technology)


We have been looking at different theatres and the children designed and created their own. Take a look at some of the amazing creations that have been made in Year 1!

Dudley Zoo Trip


The children had an amazing time going to Dudley Zoo. The children really enjoyed seeing all the animals and loved looking at the artefacts in our workshop. 



We have been learning the poem Snowball by Shel Silverstein. The children chose some actions to put with the words. 

Snowball - Website.MOV

Still image for this video



The children practise their weaving skills and then created their own weaving art using a loom and different fabrics for their weft. The children had lots of fun doing this and have used their art to create a calendar.  



We looked at addition fact families and how the = sign is not always at the end of a calculation. 

Remembrance Day


Children used their previous art skills of using water colour to create lovely poppy pictures to celebrate Armistice Day.  The children also learnt that their were different coloured poppys which represented different things. See if the children can remember. We looked at purple, black and white poppies. 



We started to look at addition calculations and what symbols we needed to use to write a calculation. 



In Science, we have been looking at Transparent and Opaque. The children sorted the different objects into the correct groups. 



We have been treating part whole models. Sometimes the part was given and the children needed to find the whole and other times the children had to find the parts to make the whole. 



October is Black History Month and each year group looks at different people. In Year one we have been learning about 2 athletes: Usain Bolt and Tessa Sanderson, both of who won gold medals at The Olympics. Usain Bolt was a runner and currently holds world records and Tessa Sanderson was a javelin thrower! The children had a go at running and throwing javelins just like these athletes. 



We have been comparing amounts and numbers using the vocabulary greater than, less than and equals to. The children practically used straws to create the symbols (<, >, =) to compare the amounts. 

Food Technology 


The children had lots of fun making their fruit salads. We had a go at peeling fruit and chopping a range of different fruit. We spoke about food safety and hygiene in the kitchen as well. We made sure we made bridges when we were cutting to make sure we kept fingers out of the way of sharp knives! Maybe you could have a go at making one at home yourself!



We have been using new language in Maths: fewer, more and the same. The children practically explored this in different ways. 



Today we were matching one object to another to compare groups. The children had a go at a range of activities and used stem sentences to help them say if they could or could not have one of each item. 



We have been looking at different story openings. We explored different books and then we matched the story opening to the picture. 



Last week we looked at one more than a number. Today we have been looking at one less than a number. We used our number tracks and equipment to find one less than a number. 



We have been reading the story Handa’s Hen. Today we wrote a list about animals we might see in a zoo. 



We have been counting backwards from a given number. We choose a number card and counted down backwards to 0.