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Team building - we enjoyed building different types of transport outside.

Reception and Nursery classes at Galton Valley have been working really hard to learn all the songs for their Christmas play this year! They are beginning to sound fantastic and their Makaton signs and actions look amazing! Please help your child to develop confidence to perform on stage by allowing them to rehearse the songs at home. 

01 1 A Little Nativity.wma

02 2 Mary Mary What a Surprise.wma

03 3 Such a long way.wma

04 Bethlehem is full.wma

05 In the stable.wma

07 On that Night.wma

08 Once there were three wise men.wma

10 One Little Boy in the Straw.wma

12 We Wish You A Merry Christmas.wma

Funnybones by Janet and Alan Ahlberg


We have been learning about the story Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We read the story and sequenced the main events. We then recalled the main events and created story maps. We have created lots of different artwork related to Funnybones and practised using different bonding materials. 

Maths - Matching and Sorting

We have been matching patterns and quantities of objects and patterns. We then practised sorting objects in different ways e.g. colour, size, quantity.