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Year 5

In Maths we are currently studying fractions. To help us visualise improper fractions, we drew bar models to help us see what they look like and to help us see how we can convert them into mixed numbers.
In RE we have been studying prayer through a variety of religions. We also created our own prayers. 
Our current Science topic is Properties and Changes of Materials. We explored the properties of different materials and then investigated materials and their properties to find out the most efficient way to clean our water. 
To conclude our sustainability topic, Year 5 wrote short narratives with the context of Plastic Pollution. Children explored how plastic is harming our sea-life. 

In year 5, we have been studying the topic ‘Sustainability’. The children have explored the issue of littering and how it is impacting our local community; they have also studied how the climate is changing and the impact it is having on the environment. The issue of plastic waste has also been researched and children have looked at how plastic is harming our oceans and what local businesses are doing to help tackle the issue of plastic pollution. To help us consolidate our learning, children have also been creating PowerPoints on Sustainability during their computing sessions.