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Our approach to teaching Art, is a ‘thematic’ based approach based on the National Curriculum. We still value each subject as a unique discipline, and our curriculum is, a thematic journey, grounded in the National Curriculum. Resilience is embedded in our teaching philosophy, as we emphasize the knowledge and skills outlined in our progression documents, ensuring a sturdy foundation for artistic growth.  


Throughout the academic year, the spirit of respect is evident in Art Week, where each year group immerses themselves in the works of renowned artists, honing specific skills to create inspired pieces. This artwork is proudly showcased in our annual Galton Valley Art Gallery, celebrating the diverse talents within our school.  


Independence is fostered through the provision of individual sketchbooks for every child in Years 1-6. These sketchbooks become a personal canvas for recording ideas, observations, and practicing techniques, empowering children to explore and express their innate creativity. We encourage them to engage with a variety of artists, spanning different cultures and art movements, promoting independence in their artistic exploration.  


Our commitment to resilience, respect, and independence is evident in the dedication of our staff, who passionately deliver 6-8 Art lessons per term. These lessons form creative journeys where children delve into the works of artists, discuss their creations, and develop their skills, fostering resilience in the face of artistic challenges.  


Children learn a variety of skills: drawing, painting, printing and sculpture. Although children do get a chance to study different areas of art (like ceramics, photography and textiles), these are our main focuses that children build progression on within their time with us. Their journey involves continuous exploration and evaluation of their work, instilling a sense of independence in their artistic expression. Children identify their next steps and know how improve in art.  


Friday afternoons are dedicated to STEAM Workshops. These opportunities provide students with engaging, project-based activities, allowing them to apply and deepen their skills, while also fostering a profound connection with the world of art. STEAM allows children to build their resilience. Additionally, our after-school art clubs further cultivate a love for the subject, allowing children to deepen their connection with the world of art. 


Our recent achievement of the 'Silver' Arts Mark is a testament to the resilience, respect, and independence ingrained in our curriculum. At Galton Valley, we are not just teaching art; we are nurturing resilient, respectful, and independent artists.