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At our school, children engage in a weekly one-hour Computing class, following the NCCE Teach Computing Planning, to ensure comprehensive coverage of the Computing National Curriculum. Throughout the academic year, children not only build on their previous skills but also cultivate new knowledge, fostering independence in their understanding of Computing. Each lesson starts with an Online Safety starter, emphasizing the importance of being safe and responsible when navigating the internet. We utilize Project Evolve and National Online Safety for these starters, which equip the children with the independence to navigate the digital world responsibly.  


Our children can access resources like Chromebooks, Microbits, Bee-Bots, and Crumbles, encouraging them to explore and learn independently. As they save their work digitally on Google Classroom, a platform they have mastered since Year 1, they develop resilience by adapting to digital tools seamlessly. We integrate ethical considerations into our curriculum to instil respect for themselves and others in a digital space. Children learn the technical aspects and the importance of respecting digital boundaries, fostering a culture of mutual respect. Children also have opportunities to work on collaborative projects and peer interactions, further promoting resilience and independence in problem-solving.  


By promoting independence, resilience, and respect, we aim to empower students with technical skills and the character traits essential for thriving in the ever-evolving digital landscape.