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Year 2

Class Trip


On Monday we went to Selly Manor. The children had a fabulous time and loved learning even more about the Great Fire of London time period. The children got to look around the house and we’re able to find out even more information. We got to handle different artefacts, dress up and try some of the games which they might’ve played during The Great Fire of London time period. 



We have been looking at 2D shapes this week. We made shapes using Geoboards and then drew the shapes we made. 

Science - Plants


We have been learning about what plants need to grow. We have looked at the difference between seeds and bulbs, planted different plants and investigated to see what happens if we remove one of the elements that plants need to survive. 

World Book Day


Today the children came in dressed as characters. We did lots of activities around the book Ravi’s Roar. We wrote poems about tigers, some front covers of our own books and lots more. We didn’t have enough time during World Book Day to do this but the day after we relaxed and enjoyed a book of our choice. 

Amazing Art


We have been practising drawing different features of our face. After practising each part of our face, we had half of our face to finish drawing. 

Missing Numbers to 100


In Maths we have been learning new strategies for solving addition and subtraction. This week we have been looking at how to make 100. We used the base 10 or dienes equipment to find the missing number. We put the number we had on top of a 100 piece and counted in our tens and ones to find which number is missing. 

Spelling - Silent Letters


Today the children were testing the hypothesis ‘only k, h and g’ are silent letters. The children had a range of different words with silent letters and decided that the hypothesis was false as there were other letter such as ‘h, p, h and a’. 

Which book would you want to read?

I wrapped up 3 books for the children and wrote just the blurb on them. After reading the blurb the children voted for which book the pay would like for our next class book! 



We have been doing some extra ‘mini maths’ sessions where we are focusing on Maths mastery. The children made their own rekenreks to use in these sessions and have been so excited to use them. 

Gran Can You Rap?

During English, we have been looking at performance poetry and the children learnt part of the poem and performed it to the rest of the class. They then peer and self assessed each other.


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Remembrance Day

We learnt about Remembrance Day and that it is known as different names such as ‘Poppy Day’ and ‘Armistice Day’. The children made poppy scenes. 

Bonfire Night


We have been learning about Bonfire Night and how to keep safe if we are around fireworks. We created firework pictures using lines and dots. 



In maths we have been practically adding 2 one digit numbers by partitioning the second number to make the first number make 10. Children were using the tens frames to make then number to 10. 

Healthy Food Workshop


Today the children had the chance to take part in a healthy eating workshop with Chartwells. The children learnt about healthy eating and the food groups which tied in with our Science lessons. The children really enjoying making their breakfast cups!