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Year 1

Today it was World Book Day and the children in Year 1 had a very big surprise! A box of chocolates was delivered to each class, accompanied by a letter from a mysterious person or creature. After reading the letter, the children used the clues to draw who they thought delivered the chocolates. We then read the story ‘The Love Monster and the Last Chocolate’ by Rachel Bright. The story reminded us that we should treasure our friendships and never forget all the good things our friends do for us.


After that, we talked about how lucky we were to have good friends and decided that we would thank them by making a chocolate Rice Krispie cake, accompanied by a personal letter to show them how special they are to us. 



In Year 1 we have been discussing Friendships. We shared ideas about what makes a good friend. We decided that a good friend plays nice games with us at playtimes, they are kind and nice to us and most importantly they make us happy! 

What makes a good friend?

What makes a good friend? 1
What makes a good friend? 2
This term, the Eco Bus came to visit Year 1 to help us with our ‘One Life, One World’ topic. The children spent the day learning about how important it is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all of our rubbish so that we can look after our environment. The children made bird feeders and nature windows on the bus. 

The Eco Bus

The Eco Bus 1 The Eco Bus
Picture 1 Sharing their knowledge on Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
Picture 2
Picture 3 Making bird feeders to hang up in the garden
Picture 4
Picture 5 Nature windows to hang up at home