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Year 1

Year 1 children carried out an investigation to find out which materials would float and which would sink.They made their own boats out of various junk materials. They carefully selected the materials they thought would float to create their boats.


Float or Sink?

Float or Sink? 1 We thought carefully about the materials we used.
Float or Sink? 2 We worked as a team.
Float or Sink? 3 We worked as a team.
Float or Sink? 4 We tested our boats to see if they floated or sank
Picture 1

Lost and Found


In English, we have been learning the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  We drew a Story Map and rehearsed the actions.  We then looked at the emotions of different characters. 

Black History Month


As part of Black History Month we have been learning all about Louis Armstrong and all his achievements. We have been listening to his songs and learning the words in our music sessions.  As a class we all created a collage quilt for our display to celebrate his life achievements.


We have been cutting small pieces of coloured card and creating a collage effect.

Picture 1