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RHE (Relationship, Health Education)


RHE is important in preparing young people for life as adults in British society. We want children to be happy, healthy, and safe and equip them with the necessary knowledge. We follow the Jigsaw Curriculum, which contains six modules introduced and revisited yearly. These modules are All About Me, Friendships, Resilience and Coping, Belonging, Being the Best Me I Can Be, and My Wider World. We cover these important topics in various ways throughout the Curriculum but also have separate RHE lessons. Each child has a 45-minute weekly lesson where they learn how to calm their bodies and minds before learning and have time to reflect on what they have learned.
Additionally, all Year 1 to 6 children have their own Jigsaw Journal, where they can write their thoughts or comment on the activities they completed in the lesson. Children also have the opportunity to learn about different disabilities and participate in events such as World Mental Health Day. A safe and inclusive environment aims to help all children achieve their full potential.