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Physical Education (PE)



Children receive two hours of Physical Education each week in two separate sessions.  One of these sessions is taught by a class teacher and the other session, which is dance or gymnastics, is taught by a specialist tutor.  There is a focus on children becoming more active and taking more responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle.  Firstly, in Early Years and Key Stage 1, children are taught a variety of skills, which they practise and apply their resilience to, to refine. These skills continued to be practised as children move into Key Stage 2 but rules and tactics are introduced and developed and are applied to a range of sports and games so that children can independently apply these. 


Children are exposed to a range of different dance styles and develop their skills in performing and choreographing routines which are showcased in our annual Dance Festival.   


Developing the skills for swimming is a focus for our school.  As such, children receive 1 hour per week of swimming instruction for a term during Years 4, 5 and 6.  Children are encouraged be resilient and confident in the water and develop the necessary skills to remain safe.


PE Overview