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Year 6

Today, it was World Book Day!!

All day, we did fun activities that involved books.

We dressed up as our favourite book characters like Where’s Wally.

In Year 6, we made a poster about an author called Michael Morpurgo  with fun facts and pictures. We learned about his life and how he writes his books. One book is a mysterious story called The Giant’s Necklace.

Our assembly was about reading too and even what to do if you do not like reading. We also got a free World Book Day book.


By Farhan

Galton Valley Primary School Year 6 PE

In Year 6, we have a teacher called Miss Thompson. Miss Thompson is a very nice and athletic PE teacher.  She also makes all of our PE lessons very fun and interesting. I would recommend coming to Galton Valley Primary School if you love sports.

                                        HOW TO PLAY CRICKET

In cricket there are many positions, like in other sports, so you can play as a fielder, batter and last but not least, bowler

The bowler has the job of throwing the ball to the wicket while the batter defends it by hitting the ball away. When the ball gets hit by the bat, the fielders have to try to get it and hit the wicket. Every time they run without the fielders hitting the wicket, they get a point for each run that they do. The winning team is the team with the most runs.

Welcome To Frank Chapman 2024

On 10th January 2024, we went on the coach for an amazing adventure to Frank Chapman.


Frank Chapman Day 1

The journey was one hour and it flew past. Thirty-nine people were excited, jumping up and down on the coach. Once we got there, everyone started screaming with excitement ready to see our accommodation. The first activities were: a practice fire drill; making our beds; going on a night walk that was 1 mile into the deep, dark  forest and last of all, eating our dinner.  At 9 o’clock , we went to bed and the boys definitely didn’t stay up all night!!!


 Frank Chapman Day 2

The next day, we woke up early in the morning (at around 6-7am) to play football with the boys. Meanwhile, the girls were still sleeping. We had our breakfast, which was some cereal and a toast. Then, we started some activities: high ropes; many teamwork activities; tree climbing; crate stacking and a leap of faith.  We did have breaks in between which included lunch breaks, snack breaks, chilling in our dorms and we went in the gift shop. We then went to bed. What a busy day!


Frank Chapman Day 3 (The last day)

Today was the last day and we woke up a bit upset. This was because we’d had so much fun during our time at Frank Chapman but now it was the last few hours until we left. As soon as we woke up, we changed into our day clothes and went outside to play football. Then we had the final activity. This was bush-craft  where we collected leaves, branches, sticks and wooden logs to build a hut that was stable. After all this, we packed our stuff and went back home on the coach.


I had an amazing time at Frank Chapman and so did everyone else. I hope to visit again one day.


Ibrahim Rashid 6G

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral


On 20th February, we went to Coventry Cathedral. Our topic this term is WWII (World War 2) and this amazing building got bombed during the war. We saw many interesting things especially a bomb that was the size of a water bottle. It was very shocking as we didn’t know something this small could cause so much damage. We saw a church that got bombed but only the roof was destroyed not the building itself. There were also many things we got to learn about: what they used to wear, what rationing cards were, what people ate, the currency in the UK in the war and much more. It was a great trip and I would like to go to Coventry again in the future.



The Cinema : Wonka


 On 30th January 2024, the year 6 children went to watch a movie at the cinema. It was Wonka! It was a long way from Galton Valley so we needed to go on a tram. It took a while, it felt like forever to me! The journey was Galton Bridge to Five Ways so it was about 10 stops but at last we were there, at our stop: Cineworld!!! Whilst we walked, we needed to go up a few flights of stairs and it was like we were in a maze. The movie was PG and it was 1 hour and 57 minutes but IT WAS THE BEST!! Chocolates everywhere!  My favourite character was Willy Wonka played by the actor  Timothee Chalamet. However, the Oompa Loompa was the best; he was just so tiny!


 By Ciaran

Jack and The Beanstalk


On 25th of January, we went to Birmingham Hippodrome to watch the… PANTO! It was exciting to watch as there was an actual comedian that appeared in the panto to make jokes (many were inappropriate jokes for us kids!).The main character was Jack and his family was poor so he sold a cow for a can of magical beans.Those beans made an… enormous  beanstalk! Everyone was shocked because the beanstalk filled the entire auditorium. It was amazing!

Jake the comedian was my favourite character in the panto because he made lots of silly jokes that got us laughing. It was a great trip for us and we can’t wait to see another pantomime.

By Soliman


Art - Stephen Wiltshire


Year 6 enjoyed looking at Stephen Wiltshire’s cityscapes. They used his style to create their final piece based off images from around Birmingham. 



Year 6 enjoyed learning The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. The children were able to translate the poem and then use descriptive language to describe the Jabberwocky in a wanted poster.

Wanted Posters

Geography - The Americas


Year 6 were busy finding out about the countries of North America.



Art Week

Year 6 were inspired by the work of Banksy.  Children created a stencil based on current events. Once they had designed their stencils, they were cut and spray painted.