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Year 6



During art week, Year 6 looked at the street artist Banksy. 


Children began their journey with the debate: Is graffiti art?

Children decided street art is art, but tagging is vandalism. 


Children then looked at Banksy's work.  


Children were inspired by Banksy's work and liked his humour and political messages. 


Children then produced observational drawings of their favourite piece. 

Jenna 6V

Katrina 6V


It was then time to explore our own design. We mind-mapped issues that were currently happening in the world. Some children wanted to play tribute to the flooding in Pakistan, while other children thought about the financial crisis and the cost of living. Children sketched their designs. 


Once we had our design, children then began to cut their design carefully using a craft knife. 

Finally, it was time to print our design. Some children chose to print theirs on a t-shirt while others printed theirs on card. 

Abdullah 6V

Samuel 6V