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We teach History through a ‘thematic’ based approach based on the National Curriculum. We value history as its own subject and ensure that all history lessons develop substantive knowledge and disciplinary skills (chronological order, cause and consequence, similarities and differences, handling evidence and historical interpretation).  


We have centered our History curriculum on enquiry, drawing inspiration from the expertise the Historical Association and Key Stage History offer. We want to inspire pupils’ curiosity so that they can learn more about the past and equip them with the foundational skills historians need – thus enhancing their independence. To enrich their understanding, we continually diversify our curriculum, transforming history into not only a window to the past but a mirror reflecting the diverse heritage of the children at Galton Valley. Our students are afforded the opportunity to engage with diverse curriculum, covering different cultures, which allows them to foster a sense of respect and understanding. 


The curriculum is planned out to develop the children’s sense of chronology and to support in children’s learning of how key concepts have changed overtime. We do allow flexibility within the learning journey, with opportunities to learn about local, national and world issues whenever they may occur, where they aid the year groups ARE statements. For example, changes in the monarchy or the prime minister would be delved into, so children have a greater understanding of the world in which they live, which is documented at the back of their books.  


Valuing the ongoing professional development of our staff, we priortise high-quality Continuous Professional Development (CPD). In recent years, our staff have benefitted from training sessions led by esteemed experts such as Hywell Roberts, Chris Trevor, Alf Wilkinson, and Andrew Wrenn. Our collective commitment to providing the best education possible underscores the unity of purpose among all staff members at Galton Valley. 


In essence, at Galton Valley, history is not just a lesson in the past; it's a resilient, respectful, and independent journey that empowers our students to understand, question, and appreciate the rich history our nation and the wider world have to offer.