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Year 2

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Purple Mash



This week in Maths we are going to be looking at time. Today the children were practically making the time on their clocks to show o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times. Some children started to look at 5 minutes past the hour as well. 



On Friday 13th March we were lucky enough to have an author come and visit our school called Mini Grey. She wrote the books; Biscuit Bear, Toys in Space and The Last Wolf. During the day we did a range of different activites based around the story The last Wolf. 

Key Stage 1 were also lucky enough to have a workshop with her throughout the day. The children were really engaged and excited. As she is an illustrator as well she got the children to practise drawing a wolf. 

Science - National Science Week


The theme for this year is 'Our Diverse Planet'. This week we have been doing extra science experiments which included dancing raisins and getting food colouring to move in milk. The children really enjoyed having a go themselves and seeing what would happen! They predicted what they thought might happen first and then they had a go themselves!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video



This week in Maths we have been using money to make different amounts and thinking about which different coins we can use! 

Thematic - D&T


This week we made 3 different dips. We learnt how to carefully chop the vegetables and we also got to try the different dips! The children had lots of fun making them and especially enjoyed eating them!



We have been practising paritioning in different ways using the base 10, cubes and Numicon equipment. 

Thematic - Art


In Art we have been looking at the different features of our face using a view finder. The children then drew a self portrait of themselves using these skills. 



We have been looking at what basic needs animals needs to survive. We have a class pet that we need to look after. We need to change it's water and food and make sure his bedding is nice and clean. The basic needs are oxygen, water and food. We also learnt about additional needs that the guinea pig needs as well in order to survive such as exersise, warmth, shelther and love. 

Computing (Coding)


We have been programmers this week and have been creating our own algoritms. We put the blocks of code in order to get the animal to their destination. We then looked at how we could change the number on the block of code so we didn't repeat the same block of code lots of time. 



This week is Road Safety week. The children have been learning about how to stay say as both a passanger in a car and a pedestrain. We ordered the road safety picures for crossing the road safely and then the children wrote instructions on how to cross the road. 



Last week, the children wrote some lovely acrostic poems about Remembrance Day. 

Computing (Coding)


The children were following an algoritm (a set of instructions) given to them by a friend. The children were blindfolded and needed to carefully give instructions and follow them. They couldn't touch their friend if they started going a different direction they needed to give them some more instructions to get back to the correct place. They had lots of fun doing this! 



This week we have been looking at symmetry and creating our own. The children did a range of practical activites to show different ways of doing symmetry. The children used a mirror to check they had made in symmetrical. 



For our warm up last week the children predicted what might happen to the coins if they were put into coke. The coke cleaned the coin which made us wonder what it might be doing to the insides of our bodies! 

Thematic - Black History Month


This month we have been looking at lots of significant black people and their impact on the world. We have been learning about Rosa Parks and Stevie Wonder. The children looked at some pictures that showed how bad segregation was. The children made comments about what they thought about the pictures and how it made them feel. 

Thematic - D & T 


Over the past two weeks both classes have had the opportunity to make smoothies. The children have been practising their cutting skills and being using knives carefully. The children have also been looking at food hygiene and which foods are currently in season. The children sorted some foods and decided where they are grown, underground, above ground, on a bush or on a tree. 



In English the children have finished writing up their version of the story 'Into the Forest'. The children chose a new character to meet along the way. The children had lots of fun making up actions to the story and writing their own stories.


We have been looking at healthy foods this half term. During our latest Science lesson we tried some different foods and decided which food group they belong to. The children then had to make their own sandwich using foods from 3 different food groups. 



This week in Maths we have been using a new method to help us solve word problems. It is called the bar method. We used cubes to start with and then drew what it might look like. Throughout the week we are going to be using bigger numbers and using this method to solve our word problems. 



Last week in PSHE we were looking at different emotions and what that might look like. We firstly had to match the feelings with the picture of what that feeling might look like. Then the children had a go at showing the different emotions as well. 



We have been comparing numbers using the greater than and less than signs. 



In English the children are doing ‘talk for writing’ using the book ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne. The children have put actions to the words and have all drawn their own story map to help them to be able to re-tell the story. 



A visitor came to visit the children in year 2 and we found out about some amazing women from history such as Rosa Parks, Edith Cavell and Amelia Earhart. The actress got the children involved in doing lots of drama pieces. The children really enjoyed themselves and can remember lots about these women. Why don’t you ask your child about them and what they did?



This week we have been partitioning numbers up to 100 in maths using different equipment such as cubes, Numicon and Diennes. Once the children could partition into tens and ones we looked at how they could be partitioned in different ways by moving a tens over to the ones column. 



For the first week of term each class had an artist to find out about and create a picture using their technique. Year two looked at Georges Seurat. He used a technique called Pointillism so we painted sunflowers using his technique.