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Year 3

Samosa Making Workshop


We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the family members that came to support us and the children with the Samosa Making Workshop. The children worked very hard all morning chopping, preparing and cooking the vegetables as well as making their very own pastry from scratch! Our wonderful family members then joined us in the afternoon to help us roll, fill and fold our samosas. We had an incredible turn out and really enjoyed learning from our families. 

A Visit from Minu at Panjabi Rasoi


As part of our Design Technology cooking unit, we were very lucky to have the pleasure of a visit from a local business owner. Minu, owner of The Great Barr Cafe - Panjabi Rasoi, came to visit our school with her daughter Simran and shared her story on how her business came to be. The children then split up into smaller groups each had a go at making their own vegetable pakoras. They peeled, chopped and mixed the ingredients by following Minu's instructions and demonstrations. There were lots of questions the children had which Minu and Simran were more than happy to answer. The children had a fantastic time and learnt many new skills which we will be applying to our Samosa Making Workshop. Thank you Minu and Simran for coming and inspiring our future chefs!

Science - Exploring the structure and features of the skeleton


Our Science topic for this half term is Animals Including Humans. So far, we have explored the human skeleton looking at how it is structured and what the function of the skeleton is. 


Stone Age Art - Cave Paintings

Our Autumn topic has been the study of the Stone Age. Throughout art lessons, Year 3 have explored different types of cave paintings, had a go at using natural resources for paint and have created their own Stone Age style handprints. 

Art Week -Vincent Van Gogh


Children started by looking at Van Gogh's life and how the experiences in his life influenced his art work. We focused on what emotions Van Gogh was feeling within some of his pieces of art work and how they often contrasted with one another. 

We then looked at the different techniques Van Gogh used within his paintings, focusing on different shades and brush strokes. Children then practised these techniques in their art books.

Children then had a look at Van Gogh's famous art piece 'Starry Night' and had a go at doing some observational drawing based on it.

Finally, children created their own 'Starry Night' style painting for the Canal House in Smethwick, applying their practised techniques.