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Focus Provision

Galton Valley Focus Provision

Galton Valley has a 10 place Focus Provision for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties and other associated needs. These places are available via the Local Authority who work with the Educational Psychologist’s Team, parents, pupils and school to determine whether Focus Provision is the appropriate placement for each individual.


Children are part of our mainstream school for as much as the school day as possible, but have specialist areas, such as the Focus Provision Rooms, Sensory Room, small group and Nurture provision, which they can use according to individual needs.


Parents say:

That their children are happy and want to be at school and feel that their views are wishes are valued.

  •  “….has made progress and is more settled in school now that he is in the Focus Provision.”
  • “Behaviour has improved and so has his attitude to learning.”
  • “She is more confident and independent. She enjoys coming to school now.”
  • “The teachers listen and communication is really good.”
  • “It’s like sending my child to my sister’s house, I feel safe and I know the teachers will look after her.”
  • “The staff work really hard for my child. They care about what happens and understand my child’s needs.”
  • “I can really see a positive difference in my child since they started in the Focus Provision.”


Pupils say:

  • “I like FP, I can do more stuff now. My writing is better.” (Y4 pupil)
  • “I love the teachers because they help me to be more independent.” (Y5 pupil)
  • “FP is best because I have fun and I do learning.” (Y3 pupil)
  • “I like FP…the teachers can help me most.” (Y2 pupils)



Our ethos is one of inclusivity. The children are fully integrated into school life and are included in all trips, after school clubs and other events. The staff and other children in school fully accept that some children have differences but these differences are something to be celebrated. 


We aim for children to integrate into learning and social times across the school day, including playtimes, lunchtimes, assemblies etc. However, we will also adapt and be flexible to ensure each child is settled, has provision to meet their specific needs and ensure they make excellent progress from their individual starting points.


Staff receive specialised training as required, which may include PECS, Makaton, intensive interaction, the use of symbols to support visual schedules and learning, objects of reference, Sensory Integration, moving and handling and Crisis Prevention Institute - Safety Intervention training.


Each child has a designated key worker but will work with a range of staff to develop their social interaction skills and independence. Staff will work with small groups or 1:1 with a child depending on need or activity. Specialist resources we can offer include individual work stations, sensory integration equipment, PECS or communication books, visual time tables, including now and next time-tables and access to a purpose built sensory room. Progress is carefully tracked through Sandwell Skills Ladders, National Curriculum, the Towards Independence Hierarchy, outside agency assessments and an extended curriculum.


How does my child access a Focus Provision place?

To access a Focus Provision Place a child must have an Education Healthcare Plan.


During an Annual Review or CAM, agencies will discuss provision, and if appropriate, a request for a Focus Provision place can be made to Sandwell SEN. This will then go to resource panel who will review the request against their banding criteria for specialist provision. They will then make a decision whether they can offer a Focus Provision Place. At this stage, SEN caseworkers, parents and Focus Provision schools will liaise to find the appropriate provision with spaces available.


Transition – Feeder schools and FP schools will work together with parents and external professionals to plan transition into the setting. This will be dependent on individual need.