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Welcome to Galton Valley Primary School.

The aim of Galton Valley Primary is to develop every child’s abilities, and guide them to reach their full potential in all subjects across the curriculum. All of our children are valued for all their needs and talents. Our philosophy is based on demonstrating a caring school community in which we aim to encourage children to have independency, enthusiasm for work and a sense of responsibility.


At Galton Valley Primary School we have:

A Community who shares in the school’s vision, supporting each other in achieving the best possible outcomes for all.


A Curriculum which is flexible, engaging, fun and relevant, enabling children to be involved in their own learning


Communication between all stakeholders that is clear and honest, which guarantees that all members of the school’s community share the same goals and know how to achieve them.


Creativity which ensures that the learners are forward thinking and are able to contribute new ideas, both within and beyond the school community.


Parents are vital partners in the education of their children, and we encourage parents to come into school to discuss the progress of their child on a termly basis.  We also encourage parents to help in class through our ‘Reading Volunteer’ project, assist staff in a variety of activities, or to simply support us on educational visits.


The Belief Is In “Parents Are Our Partners”


Involving parents and the local community is essential to happy and well-informed relationships for staff, children and parents.  Parents and the wider community help children to develop respect for others, learn that there are responsibilities and important roles within the community, which they could develop in the future themselves.  Good communication is essential to dealing with any issues parents or children have, however big or small! 


You can help your child enormously at home through listening to them read, helping with homework, chatting to your child, playing games, and by taking them out to visit different places of interest.  The commitment to the school shown by parents is greatly appreciated by both staff and children.


To keep you informed about what your child is doing and the progress made, the school provides you with:


  • ­  an overview of what the children will be learning, will be sent home termly;
  • ­  termly progress evenings;
  • ­  the opportunity to attend special school assemblies and productions;
  • ­  staff who welcome questions or queries you may have;
  •   A Head Teacher who promotes an ‘open door policy’ welcoming any questions or concerns.


We are committed to working with parents so that we become an empowered community who is focused on the achievement of each and every child.


Thank you for taking the time to visit us


Mrs O'Boyle

Head Teacher