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Welcome: Visons & Values

Vision and Values

“Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.’                                                                                                        Albert Eintstein


Our Vision

Galton Valley Primary School is a warm and welcoming school; a school who considers every child to be unique, whatever their needs or talents.  We aim to develop every child from the abilities they arrive with, to reaching their full potential.  Learning is exciting at our school with so many new opportunities to experience.  We teach our children that making an error is a positive learning opportunity which leads us to remembering more, and learning more.  Every child’s wellbeing is important, and we promote children gaining the skills and attitudes to manage their wellbeing for now, and for the future, too. We aspire for each child to be prepared for a successful future. We provide our children with academic opportunities as well as wider experiences, such as theatre and museum visits, alongside in school dance festivals, a school choir, talent shows and sporting activities.  We grow the whole child; a child who sees the potential in themselves, and the chance to choose a journey of fulfilment.


Our Values


Galton Valley Values are:


Independence    Resilience       Respect



Independence: We provide our children with the skills and attitudes to be independent learners so that they can manage the challenges they are presented with.  They learn how to make the right choices for themselves, in order to be successful.


Resilience: We teach our children to have high aspirations and to meet challenges they are presented with in their learning with positivity.  Errors are celebrated and are part of our learning journeys.  With great resilience our children learn to persevere and overcome challenges.  Being resilient is a tool to success in all learning.


Respect: We ensure that all of our pupils respect each other as part of the school community, the community they live in and wider society, they know how to make a positive contribution. Our children respect each other and have respect for people of all faiths, race and gender. Our children know that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.       


Thank you for taking the time to visit us


Mrs O'Boyle

Head Teacher