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Year 4

The Water Cycle


In Science, we have been learning all about the Water Cycle. We learnt about water in all the different states and we listened to the Water Cycle song! We then did an experiment to show the process in action. 


LoudMouth Theatre Company and Workshop



We enjoyed a very good production about the impact of different types of bullying. The children enjoyed an interactive performance and got to engage with all the characters involved and offer them sensible advice on what to do in various situations. After the show, the children enjoyed a work shop where they learnt about different ways to improve their 'mental wellness'. The workshop gave us lots of ideas of things we could do if we were felt like we needed to talk about things that were worrying us. 


During the first week in Year 4, we studied the artist Andy Warhol. We looked at some of his famous artwork and then used different mediums to create our own. We focused on the famous 'Campbell Soup Can' and we used out own ideas to recreate it. Here is our finished display: