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Design and Technology


At Galton Valley, we are dedicated to enhancing the Design and Technology (D&T) curriculum. Here, thematic topics enhance the skills that are being taught, the outcome will be linked to History and Geography. However, we also have discrete Design and Technology outcomes that are unrelated to the topic, but are specifically chosen as they enhance skills based on our progression document such as cooking and CAD units. We highly value D&T as an independent subject, with our committed staff delivering 6-8 lessons per term on average.  


The values of resilience, respect, and independence are evident in the diverse set of skills children acquire throughout their journey at Galton Valley, spanning: cooking, woodwork, textiles, and graphic design. Our staff utilise both ‘Project on a Page’ and ‘Maker Futures’ to plan and deliver engaging lessons, fostering independent exploration and critical thinking. 


Safety, a paramount consideration, underscores our commitment to instilling responsible practices from a young age. Our 'one chance' policy ensures that children learn to handle equipment responsibly, emphasizing the importance of safety, especially when working with tools. Cooking, which is integrated seamlessly into our curriculum, reinforces our goal of nurturing independent learners who understand healthy eating habits and standard hygiene practices. 


Our Friday afternoon STEAM workshop further enhances the skills acquired in D&T, embodying our commitment to evolving education. The introduction of electronics and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) reflects our forward-thinking approach, actively developing initiatives that align with the ever-changing landscape of technology. 


At Galton Valley, we aspire to inspire the next generation of 'makers,' cultivating a learning environment that instils not only technical skills but also creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for lifelong learning—values that resonate with our core principles of resilience, respect, and independence.